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Dietary Assignment



100 Points Due at the beginning of class on June 2 The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with the opportunity to go through the  process of collecting, analyzing and evaluating dietary information as well as provide the student the opportunity to critically evaluate his/her own diet and compare it to the well accepted US standards. The entire project must be turned in by the beginning of class on June 2. Late assignments will  be reduced by 25 points for each day they are late. Turning the assignment in early is welcomed & appreciated. This assignment includes three (3) parts which include: 1.

Recording your intake. Accurately write down everything you consume (eat or drink) over a typical three day period. Use

1 weekend day and 2 weekdays

. Also record your  physical activity on these three usual days. You may use the forms provided or you may record them on your own forms if you prefer to develop your own. 2.

Enter this information into

ESHA Food Processor program

 (on the computers in the lab) or use the computer program that came with your textbook. 3.

Evaluate your intake by comparing it to the RDA or DRI for your age and gender. 4.

Write a summary outlining the positives and negatives of your diet. Include suggestions for improvement. Part 1- Recording what you eat- As you record, pay attention to how the food was prepared (fried, baked, etc.). Estimate the amount to the nearest weight, quarter cup, tablespoon or other common measure. You may have to breakdown mixed dishes (lasagna, soup, sandwiches, etc.) into their ingredients Ask me for help if you are feeling unsure about a measurement or how to record a food of drink. Part 2- Use the ESHA Food Processor program which is in the computer lab on the 2


 building or use the program that came with your book. If you own another version of diet analysis software that you want to use, discuss that with me and I will let you know if it is ok to use. Part 3- Compare what you ate to the RDA or DRI for: Calories Protein Fat Cholesterol Fiber % of diet from carbohydrates, protein, fat and alcohol















Day of the Week: Saturday

Date: September 21, 2013

Leave a blank row between each eating occasion.

In the three

Eating Habits

 columns enter the appropriate code once for each eating occasion (see instructions).

What you ate Eating habits Food description Actual amount eaten (include units) Translate into food group equivalent amounts Lower Nutrient Density? Meal scale (1-5) Hunger scale

Before (0-7) After (0-7)

 E.g. apple 1 medium ½ c Fruit

2 3 5  E.g. vanilla ice cream ½ c 1/3 c Dairy

Fried Egg 1 egg 1 oz Protein


4 3 5 Whole Grain Toast 1 slice 1 oz Grain

Tropicana Orange Juice 1 cup 1 cup Fruit


Honey Roasted Peanuts 1 oz 2 oz Protein

2 4 6 Banana 1 large banana 1 cup Fruit

Romaine Salad 2 cups romaine lettuce 1 cup Vegetables

5 3 6 1/2 cup peppers 1/2 cup Vegetables

2 Tbs Light Caesar Dressing 1 tsp Oil

Pasta 1 cup Linguini 2 oz Grain

1/2 cup chicken 2 1/2 oz Protein

1/2 cup broccoli 1/2 cup Vegtables

3 tbs butter SoFAS


Quesidila 1 flour tortilla 1 oz Grain

3 5 6 4 oz cheese 1 3/4 cups Dairy

Mango Sherbert 1/2 cup 1/4 cup Dairy


1 6 6

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