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Business Coursework Gcse 2013 Calendar

Business Studies

Subject Overview

Studying business is important as we all come into contact with businesses every day - when we buy things, use goods and services, or even just observe adverts. The vast majority of us have to work for some kind of organisation. Businesses have been in the news more than ever in recent years, with the increasing popularity of television programmes such as The Apprentice, the economic downturn creating hardships for many companies, and the government seeking to promote an enterprise agenda within schools.

The business subjects on offer to Heart of England students will enable them to understand how organisations work, what influences their decisions, and help them to prepare for the world of work.

Syllabuses (Course Outline and Structure)

In Year 10 and 11 there are presently two AQA GCSE courses on offer:

GCSE Business Studies

There are two units examined by written papers.

  • Unit 1 – Setting up a Business – written exam 1 hour – 40% of marks
  • Unit 2 – Growing as a Business – written exam 1 hr – 35% of marks
  • Unit 3 – Investigating Businesses – controlled assessment – 25% of marks

GCSE Business and Communication Systems

  • Unit 8 – ICT Systems in Business – written exam 1 hour – 40% of marks
  • Unit 9 - Using ICT in Business – computer based exam 1 ½ hour – 35% of marks
  • Unit 10 – Investigating ICT in Business – controlled assessment – 25% of marks

AQA Information

In addition, some Year 11 students are completing an Edexcel BTEC qualification in Business. The course is divided into a number of units, those offered include enterprise, starting a small business, communication, marketing, customer relations, sales, finance and logistics.

Students complete controlled assessments which account for 80% of their overall grade and an online exam which accounts for 20% of their overall grade.

Complementary Subject Combinations and Enrichment Activities

Students develop a range of skills through studying Business. Successful Business students will have a good grasp of Maths in order to complete the finance units, there will also be links with ICT and Media Studies.

Subject Resources

Schemes of Work

The best subject resources are those that have been created for students by their teachers. These are located in:

  • L:/Business/KS4 (only available in school or by remote login)

Students can also use the following website:

Past Papers

Past papers are available from the AQA website:

Other information

For more information please contact Lisa Ferguson

Key Dates Calendar

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