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Hris Manager Cover Letter

Human Resources Manager Cover Letter Sample 1:

Please consider me for a candidate for the Human Resources Manager position that you advertised.

I have 10 years experience as a Human Resources Generalist. In my previous work experience I have done extensive compensation analysis leading to a higher retainment of employees, resulting in a reduction in the cost of recruitment. I have knowledge of multi-state HR principles and practices as well as administration and evaluation of these programs. I have knowledge in development and implementation of policies, such as Sexual Harassment training, which resulted in a reduction in employment liabilities and issues as well as increased knowledge to supervisors.

I have a proven track record in coaching, developing supervisors and decreasing employee relations issues. I have a demonstrated ability to build a positive working relationship at all levels. I have experience with training, HR metrics, and numerous HR systems. In this position I will bring reliability, professionalism and a well-rounded HR professional.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Human Resources Manager Cover Letter Sample 2:

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Human Resource Manager vacant in your company. Your posting caught my attention as I have a Master’s Degree in HR Management and have been working in the same industry as yours for the past 2 years. Given that I meet all the requirements for the job of mid-level Human Resource Manager I believe I am a suitable candidate for the listed position. I am attaching my resume with my application for your perusal.

Upon completion of my Masters in HR Management, I joined CSC Corporation, a leading US-based international IT company, as a HR trainee. After just 6 months I was promoted to HR Manager, becoming just the second individual in the history of the company to get promoted to a managerial position so early into his employment.

In my present capacity as HR Manager, my key responsibilities are:

  • Implement HR program and policies
  • Analyze cost alternatives and benefit options for providing employee benefits
  • Ensure 100% compliance with employee related regulations and laws
  • Assist in hiring by screening and interviewing candidates
  • Oversee management of employee related inquiries
  • Implement employee recognition programs
  • Maintain smooth intra- and interdepartmental work flow by cooperating with co-workers
  • Listening to HR-related issues and concerns of employees and bringing these concerns to the notice of senior HR Managers
  • During my present tenure I have received recognition and rewards for my performance on several occasions. Here are some of the key highlights of my career so far:
  • Conceptualized the incorporation of the “Supervisor Feedback Form” in company’s shared database system. For my initiative, I was awarded the coveted “Idea of the Year” award.
  • Received the “Employee of the Quarter” award for the last quarter of 2012, Oct-Dec
  • You can go through my resume, attached below, for a comprehensive review of my work experience, job duties, and achievements.

Human Resources Manager Cover Letter Sample 3:

I came across an ad for the position of HR Manager within your company and would like to apply for it. Along with my application, I am attaching my resume for your consideration.

I have over 9 years of experience in hiring, recruiting, and retaining the most efficient employees in my previous roles. At present, I am employed with InfoTech Ltd, an international IT firm, that has over 5,000 employees worldwide. During my tenure as HR Manager with various companies, I have successfully and consistently conceptualized and applied several strategies that resulted in:

  • Higher quality of professionals hired
  • Reduction of training cost
  • Expansion of HR department
  • Increase in number of personnel retained

I strongly believe my qualifications, experience, and skills match with those requested by you. To showcase this point, I am taking the liberty of reprinting the key requirements you listed in your ad here, duly followed by a synopsis of my credentials as an HR Manager.

Your Key Requirements:

  • Master’s in HR management
  • Over 8 years of experience in different areas of human resources management
  • Four years of management experience
  • Prior experience with Performance Management Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems, and ERP software

My Credentials:

  • MBA in HR management from Boston University
  • Over 9 years of HR experience in multiple disciplines (Employee Relations, Compensation, Benefits, Recruiting, Training, etc.)
  • Five years of management experience
  • Adept in various Performance Management Systems, ERP (SAP), and Attention Tracking System (ZOHO Recruit)

Along with the HR skills, I will bring a creative and positive energy and strong organization, project management, management, consulting, and communication skills to your organization, accompanied by a strong desire to work with others towards a common goal.

I would welcome the opportunity of an interview to discuss my experience and qualifications with you in detail.

No other professionals in the world are more aware of cover letter standards than in the field of Human Resources and Talent Management. If you are applying for a job vacancy in this industry through job portals or advertised recruitment drives, then you need to put together a cover letter that will get you closer to your dream career.

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Know Your Role

The success of any company lies in the trusted hands of the HR and talent management team. They provide assistance for hiring good people, developing strategic training plans, dealing with employee relations and drawing up policies. Not only that, HR and talent management personnel also need to deal with conflict and understand the job seekers’ market for better hiring processes, hence your cover letter should express your sensitivity and people skills. This is where writing a cover letter for HR and talent management jobs differ from applying for IT sales jobs, engineering jobs or customer service jobs in Singapore.

What’s Your Motivation?

Apart from technical skills, employers will look for your underlying motivations in joining them – your passions. They prove it to the prospective employer that you enjoy the challenges in your work and hold a positive vision for them and the company.

Bring On the Highlights

Did you initiate or develop policies that made a positive impact to your previous company or organisation? Were you involved in any cost-cutting schemes that enhanced efficiency? Did you retain employees and members in a satisfactory manner? Did you give additional training to new staff? These are points that should take centre stage in your cover letter.

If you had a prior designation like HR executive, HR manager, HR Specialist, Staffing manager, Recruiter, HRIS analyst or Personnel supervisor, be sure to include them into your cover letter to provide better insight into your skills and experience.

If you are a fresh graduate, harp upon your qualifications and any management roles that you have played in your co-curricular activities. Describe how your personal qualities are suited for the HR/Talent Management role in the company.

Now that you’ve got all your main points in order, you can start putting them together into a cover letter.

The Introduction

This section will contain the details on how you’ve stumbled upon the job vacancy. Describe this briefly and end the paragraph explaining why you are sending your application. Here’s an example:

I have read on a jobs portal that you are in need of a HR executive. With my value of being an effective communicator, excellent relationship management skills and five-year experience in compensation and benefit management of a regional IT company, I believe I am an excellent candidate for the vacant position.


Spell out your accomplishments, knowledge, skills and experience in the next one or two paragraphs and mention how they can be applied in the job you’re signing up for. This is where you elaborate on your unique value points to persuade your prospective employer of your suitability.

My skills and capabilities are strongly in line with the requirements stated in your job description. For instance, when I started off as a HR assistant, the compensation policies, processes and procedures I developed were integral to the company – we had 100% employee retention that year. Later on, I was able to reduce their annual benefit costs by 10% after intensive reevaluation, record keeping and consistent monitoring. With these accomplishments, the management acknowledged my analytic and strategic skills, two attributes I’d like to share with your company.Moreover, I take pride in my ability to handle co-workers well. Since my years as a Student Council Leader in University, I have always been regarded as a responsible member who can tap upon the potential of people and guide them towards goals. My ability to handle conflict in times of crises became the reason for many strong personal appraisals in my previous places of work. I possess effective communication skills, both in written and verbal forms. Also, I value teamwork, honesty and good personal relations. I respect diversity of characteristics, ideas and preferences in the workplace.


The closing paragraph is where you should be succinct and thank the reader. Don’t forget to refer the reader to your attached resume or any other accompanying documents.

I have enclosed my resume for your perusal. I look forward to having an interview with you soon. I can be reached at (your contact number) or (your email address).Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to being part of your company.

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