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Anusha Gavankar

Anusha completed her B.A. in Economics at Sophia College (University of Mumbai) in 2001 and then a Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Communication Media at the Sophia Polytechnic (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education) in 2002. In 2015, Anusha received her M.A. degree in Sociology at the University of Mumbai. She also holds a number of postgraduate diplomas: Diploma in Comparative Mythology (2014), Advanced Diploma in Comparative Mythology (2015), Diploma in Sanskrit (2017) and has completed the Certificate Course on Bhakti Literature (2017), all from the Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai. In 2015, she wrote a thesis on ‘Shirdi Sai Baba: Understanding the socio-cultural, political and mythical aspects of a phenomenal devotion movement’. She has been a Visiting Faculty Member and Course Coordinator for the courses on Comparative Mythology at the University of Mumbai and has presented research papers at the International Association for Comparative Mythology, Harvard University, for two consecutive years.
Since March 2015, Anusha has been working closely with Professor Emerita Marika Vicziany (Monash University) on the Koli villages of Mumbai. As a member of Professor Vicziany’s team, Anusha has been studying how Koli religious beliefs and practices are changing in response to the reconfiguration of Mumbai’s urban and ecological environment. A forthcoming paper on the ‘People of The Water: The Sat Asaras (Seven Water Spirits), The Kolis and Mumbai’s Development’ involves Anusha as the co-author after Professor Vicziany and Dr. Jayant Bapat, both from Monash University in Melbourne. This background inspired Anusha to apply to the Ph.D. program at the IITB-Monash Research Academy to work on the project called - ‘Lives, Livelihoods and Aspirations of the Kolis in Mumbai: Urban Transformation, Space, Habitat and Coastal Contestations’. She looks forward to working on this project under the supervision of Professor D. Parthasarathy (IIT Bombay), Dr. Samanthi Gunawardana (Monash University) and Professor Emerita Marika Vicziany (Monash University).
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Khandeshwar police have registered an FIR against a New Panvel school teacher for causing grievous hurt to a class V student by hitting her with a wooden duster as punishment for not finishing her studies. Anjali Chavan (35) was booked under Section 325 of the IPC.

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Senior inspector Yogesh More said the teacher had hit three students on their hands with a duster and ruler. "Vishakha Surwase (10) sustained a hairline fracture in her right hand. Her parents, along with those of other students, demanded an FIR be filed against Chavan, who teaches EVS, on Saturday evening. We have registered an FIR against her as a student sustained grievous injuries. As the school had closed for the day, we will get her address when school reopens on Monday and arrest her," More added.

A parent, Ravi Pawar, a PTA member, said, "The teacher had punished many students by hitting them. While one sustained a hairline fracture on her hand, which has been bandaged, two boys' hands were swollen. My son, Soham, is one of them. He was traumatized by the incident and got the fever on Saturday night."

School principal Queena Fernando said, "I will probe the allegations against the teacher on Monday. Considering the case's sensitivity, strict action will be taken after verifying the facts. The teacher will have to submit her resignation or she will be suspended from her job."

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She said, "I don't think the teacher will act so brutally with students that she will cause them severe injuries. Also, when the students left school at 12.30pm, why did the parents come with their complaint at 3pm? A dispute between parents and the school management over the increase in academic fees is on since last year."

Originally Published In The Times Of India

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