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The Impact Of E Business On Customer Service Essays

The Impact Of E-Commerce On Small Businesses Essay

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E- Commerce is a phenomena that is emerging rapidly between businesses all over the world, and it has affected the businesses at all sizes in many aspects.
This research is looking at the small businesses, and its importance in the market and economy, EC and its benefits and limitation, and what impact has electronic commerce had on the businesses.

Small Business:

Definition: A small business may is a business with a small number of employees. The definition of "small business" often different by country and industry, but is generally under one 100 employees in the United States, while under 50 employees in the European Union. These businesses are normally privately owned corporations, partnerships, or sole…show more content…

work force, so they play a very important role in its economy as they offer a big help in the economic growth of the country, and these businesses contribute a lot to the economy by hiring one, two, or more employees, even in the internet based business.

Because of their size and need to keep their customers, new businesses are more flexible and respond quickly to changes in the market than many other and established businesses.

Small business is an important source of new jobs in many countries, they also hire at a faster rate than big companies especially in the economic recovery times.
Many innovations came and started in small business.
Nearly all the goods and product that are manufactured by big companies are sold to customers by small companies.
(Griffin, 2003) (DoctorEbiz.htm)

Advantages of Small Business:

• Small businesses can grow with customer needs. Often, they can create products and services that address highly personalized requests at a moments notice.

• In case of sole proprietorships they are simple to form, they have the benefit of freedom which is the most important, and also it needs low start up costs.
• Tax laws permit them to treat operating expenses and sales revenues as part of their personal finance.

• Small businesses can obtain new data from a market, or even a client or two, and dramatically change their business model to align with a new opportunity.

• The proper use of technology

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The Benefits of E-Commerce to the Small Business Owner Essay

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Executives used to imagine their companies as the center of a solar system orbited by suppliers and customers. The Internet is changing that dramatically. Now the customer is becoming the center of the entire business universe. E-commerce relates to that part of e-business that includes transactions that involve money. The larger concept of e-business, however, goes well beyond buying and selling items on the
Internet. E-business is about using information, technology, and resources to conduct business online. The processes of marketing your goods and services to your members, e-tailing, can be compared to a store front where you display products and solicit business from others. Local, national, and international…show more content…

revenue in 1998. A company may expect to receive more than 50 percent of all revenues via e-commerce in the next two to three years (Richter, 48). The core of e- commerce is between businesses, and this segment is thriving. Business-to-business e-commerce makes up the largest portion of Internet commerce, with sales totaling $8 billion in 1997, according to Forrester Research, a market-research firm in Cambridge,
MA (McCollum, 34). Small business owners identified their websites as one of the most effective tools for generating interest in their small businesses (13%), better than direct mail, radio, television and telemarketing. Only word of mouth (25%) and newspapers (15%) were considered more effective (Providence Business News, 19B). One increasingly popular approach is to offer ?all-in-one? e-commerce packages, in which merchants pay a nominal monthly fee for software that enables them to build a site that is then hosted by a third party (website hosts) ? sparing the client the cost of Web servers and fast
Internet connections. For $100 a month, digital entrepreneurs can post their store on
Yahoo?s site and offer as many as 50 products for sale. The more products offered for sale, the higher Yahoo?s monthly fee. Yahoo offers a host of additional features. It aggregates orders and sends them via fax to the store owner for processing, encrypts credit card numbers during

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