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Books Are Our Best Friends Essay In Marathi Language

My Best Friends Magazine is an educational bimonthly magazine originally created and published in Brazil by Casa Publicadora Brasileira titled as Nosso Amiguinho, which literally means "Our Little Friend".[1]

The magazine was created in December, 1952, as a "Special Edition for Advertising", having its first edition officially released few months later, on July, 1953. The editor was Miguel J. Malty, and collaborators were D. Christman e R. E. Adams.[2]

Early editions were monochromatic, changing the color from month to month. Colors were added in the long run. In 1972, characters that were called "Our Little Friend's Team" were created by the editor Ivan Schimidt and drew by the Uruguayan designer Heber Pintos.[3] In 1986, the magazine started being published and distributed in Portugal.

Currently, besides the magazine, there are several products commercialized in Brazil under the "My Best Friend" brand, like books, notepads, backpacks, Bibles, CDs and DVDs were released.

In North America, the magazine is being published by Review and Herald, a Seventh-day Adventist publishing house; the English version is named My Best Friends Magazine. It has been distributed by Autumn House Publishing Co., since May, 2010.[4]

My Best Friends' Team[edit]

  • Nick – The leader of the group, always coordinating activities and leading the whole team to successfully accomplish their goals.
  • Simon – The scholar of the team, a reliable source of information. On every adventure, cultural and scientific aspects will be highlighted by him, in a very friendly and didactic way.
  • Cedrick – The artist of the team. As a musician, he's always playing his guitar, or other instruments. But he also likes sports, being soccer his favorite.
  • Lisa – Friendly and talented girl, skilled with crafts and domestic activities like cooking.
  • Kiko – The funniest of the team, always inquiring about things and facts in a very peculiar way. He is the youngest of the team, showing his naivety when interacting with other members.
  • Gina – She's the newest member of the team, and closer friend of Lisa. Always caring about her cat Tinn. She loves nature and outdoor activities.
  • Ollie (dog) – He is the mascot of the team. He was named after a black olive, due the shape of his nose. He is clever and, when not in an adventure with the team, he protect's the team's tree-house (the "club") from unwanted visitors.
  • Tinn (cat) – A cat is always a cat and Tinn is not an exception, regarding behavior. But Tinn is friendly, always welcoming gentle hands to massage his fur.[5]


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